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Where the mind meets the body, we will find the door to our hearts. And through vibration, movement, and breath, we will turn the key to unlock the authenticity, beauty, joy and courage within.

Through vibration, movement, nature, and breath, we will turn the key to unlock the authenticity, beauty, joy and courage within.

We will shake, laugh, dance, sound, receive, and release into the radiance of our hearts and souls.

We will explore, expand, feel, and honor the essence of life through the sensory pathways of our unequivocally exquisite forms and the magnificent Kaleidoscope of colored energy vortices known as chakras.

We will foster awareness, acceptance, and deep appreciation for ourselves and all beings, by showing compassion, inviting curiosity, expressing gratitude, and maintaining presence.

We will know transformation, strength, healing, peace, and pure love embodied through the clarity of our breath, freedom of our minds, flexibility of our form, and our oneness with nature.

We will celebrate fully all that has been and all that will be, along the fearless path of our Soul’s Celebration!

Please join us!



Hotel Rural Fuentes de Lucia in Asturias, Spain,

Nestled in the stunning Quirós Valley, the Casa Rural is surrounded by dramatic peaks, deep gorges, crystal clear rivers, and ancient forests.  An intricate system of marked footpaths leads you from one small village to the next; up and over mountain passes; and through river valleys.  

Video about Hotel Fuentes de Lucia

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Soul Celebration Includes

  • Yoga, Dance, Breathwork, Movement, Sound, Vibration, Chakra Journey, Nature, Hikes, Excursions, Cacao and Sacred Soul Ceremonies
  • Transportation to and from Oviedo
  • 7 days and 6 nights at the historic Hotel rural Fuentes de Lucia situated in the majestic hills of Asturias, Spain (September 30th – October 6th 2018)
  • Locally-sourced, home-cooked regional breakfasts and dinners

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We will rest comfortably in a 17th century restored stone farmhouse in the remote & spectacular Asturian village of Faedo. Hotel Fuentes de Lucia is located 5 kilometers from the small lake of Valdemurio, where you can paddle on a kayak, spend the afternoon on the shores with a fishing pole or take a quick dip on a sunny summer day.

All rooms are double occupancy and include en suite bathrooms, and either a balcony or terrace.





We will nourish ourselves with the culinary creations and passions of Chef Juan Carlos and his wife Judy. With an emphasis on traditional & healthy Spanish cuisine, Chef Juan Carlos uses fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to prepare his family’s recipes and homeland’s food. His garden is abundant with organic vegetables and fruit trees, grown with love and served with honor. When he’s not tending the vegetable patch, you’ll find him in the kitchen experimenting! Engage him – loves sharing his culinary knowledge and inspiration with guests.

Options for vegetarians and vegans will be available as well.





A $500 non-refundable deposit (per person) by August 20th through Paypal will hold your space for the retreat.

AFTER AUGUST 20th $1750 USD Paypal
Double Occupancy
$500 non-refundable deposit

Please contact Kristin Welch at 206.271.7662 OR yogareikisoma@gmail.com to confirm your registration.

For any questions or payment arrangements please contact Kristin directly.

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Kristin Welch

With 20+ years of experience in the Healing Arts, Kristin is excited and grateful to invite you to this Soul Celebration Retreat. Growing up in a holistic family she was exposed to massage, movement, meditation, manifestation and alternative medicine at an early age. Being an Empath enables her to intuit a healing direction and literally feel what clients need physically and vibrationally. Her primary modalities are Yoga, Reiki, SOMA, Meditation, Visualization, and Breathwork. Kristin is inspired, guided, and fueled by love and all the beauty and magic that it has to offer. As a mirror, her intention is to raise the vibration for each person in order to explore, know, and heal themselves. Kristin is honored to hold space for individual sessions, moving meditation, sacred circles, creative practice, discovery, and healing. As the creator of OMMMMBRELLA, Kristin is extending her holistic reach, by offering sacred healing space for Opening through Massage, Movement, Meditation, Manifestation, BREathwork, Love, Light, And…


Translation: “To my teacher within, the only teacher of truth… Victory!” Namaste.

LOVe and PEACe, K






Leah Barsher

Leah is a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, dancer of 18 years, and an apprenticing Herbalist. She holds degrees from the University of California Santa Barbara in Cultural Anthropology and Art, and completed her studies in Medicinal Herbalism from the Ojai School of Herbal Studies. She also studied Thai Culture for one year at Thammasat University in Bangkok. While living in Thailand, she was introduced to Thich Nhat Hahn’s monastic community at the Thai Plum Village International Practice Center. Here she learned the compassion-based practices of meditation and mindfulness, which opened her mind, heart, and spirit to a deep knowing of interconnection and a life spent living and working for personal & societal transformation.

Today, Leah weaves together her passion for movement, meditation, and a gentle, nourishing style of Breathwork to empower others to live healthfully, compassionately, and authentically. She inspires coming HOME to the body and the heart, to cultivate a self-awareness and self-love that expands far beyond the self, into a felt sense of connection with each other and with the planet.

Leah joyously offers Clarity Breathwork + Movement workshops and retreats across Canada.